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Hotel Viñas de Lárrede
A hotel that tells our history
The hotel Viñas de Lárrede is located in a beautiful landscape framed by the mountains and the valley, in a place that was once a vineyard plantation. For the construction of our hotel, we used quality materials, blending with the local environment. The facade is made of stone recovered from an old house, where you can see the traces that the weather has been creating over the years.

The resistance of the stone is combined with larch wood from Siberia, a tree that is very cold tolerant and able to survive winter temperatures below -50º. All flanked by large windows that give every room stunning views of the Valley and the mountains with its peaks of over 3,000 m.

After four years of research, developments and paperwork, we began the construction of the hotel on May 8, 2015. A long process that ended on May 30, 2016, thanks to the involvement of all the associations related to construction. On June 3, 2016, the hotel and its restaurant were finally opened.

This project has been thought and directed completely by the family Del Rincón -Ribera. We manage all the details of the hotel with the aim of sharing our little paradise with all our guests.

We have devoted great efforts to create our singular place in the world. A really comforting task that define ourselves. A definition we intend to transmit to others, putting all our care and affection, building a "home", as defined by the Spanish writer Antonio Gala, "the house that awaits us".

Welcome to our home.